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What is a FlexThink! Seminar?


FlexThink! seminar is an opportunity for automation specialists to learn how to take advantage of Ewon solutions. Join us and learn how to collect operations data and provide additional services thanks to Talk2M. Meet our partners and discover how Ewon products helped them start their IIoT journey and transform their business.


Who should attend our IIoT Seminars?


The ideal FlexThink! seminar participants are technical leaders and business development profiles who are interested in learning about IIoT solutions and potential benefits for their organization. During our seminars, you will have the chance to discover the full potential of our Flexy Gateways. 


Where and when can you join us?


So far, our distributors have organised more than 100 FlexThink! Seminars in no less than 50 countries. In 2020, we will keep surfing on the same wave as there will be multiple seminars around the world. None in your country announced on this website? Please contact your local distributor for details about the next local event.


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Typical Program of a FlexThink!



Industrial IoT: Ewon IIoT & Remote Data strategy

Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 is not just a buzzword, it is a reality for HMS/Ewon since several years now. Learn how the Ewon products line fits the automation market for making your machine connected, smart and IIoT ready.

Security: Certifications & IT acceptance

Security is top priority for HMS. Discover HMS/Ewon security architecture and how Ewon products and services are designed to keep customers networks safe and learn best practices to be apply in your project to minimize security risks.

IIoT gateway: Get the most from your Flexy

Learn how the Flexy’s onboard data services interface with any PLCs in order to provide data acquisition and allow you to easily monitor your systems, manage your alarms, store long historical data, build custom reports and design your own web interface.

Talk2M: Demonstrate the easy integration with Industrial IIoT application

You know Talk2M makes it easy to troubleshoot your remote machines, but it can do so much more. Learn about the Talk2M’s advanced features and dedicated APIs for data collection which allows to retrieve historical data from all devices and smoothly feed your IIoT application and services.

A Cohesive Ecosystem: HMS IIoT Solution Partners

Learn how IIoT partners can smoothly collect the data and provide turnkey solution for your business with dashboard, report, analytics and additional services.


"The FlexThink! has been very instructive to me and has opened up a lot of possibilities.I will definitively join again this year!"

Ronald van der Weegen - Owner & general manager at SieTec Industrial Automation

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Dear visitors, due to the Covid-19, all of our FlexThink seminars are postponed. We will inform you when we are ready to welcome you again safely.

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