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The Ewon Cloud Services, called Talk2M, is the Ewon solution connecting you - wherever your are - to your factory.


Talk2M acts as a bridge that allows your factory - especially the machines in this factory - and your computer, mobile device or monitoring system to be interconnected.


Talk2M fully integrates IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine(s) without requiring any modifications to the security settings of your IT network.

Talk2M VPN tunnels are initiated by your Ewon device and are based only on outbound connections. There are no incoming connections!


On one side, the Ewon device establishes a secure VPN connection to a Talk2M cloud server using a UDP (1194) or TCP (443) port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server.

On the other side, the user establishes a secure connection (VPN or HTTPS) to the Talk2M cloud server which then acts as a relay to interconnect the two connections: the one from the Ewon device to the one from the user.


Connect to your Ewon device


If you want to connect remotely to your on-site devices using Talk2M VPN tunnels, you will need to use one of the Talk2M applications on your computer / mobile device.

(This supposes your Ewon device is remote access ready. If not, please refer to the configuration steps of your Ewon device.)



The Talk2M software responsible of the Talk2M account management such as Cosy/Flexy devices management, user permissions and accounting. It also allows the remote connection to your devices in a secure environment as well as monitoring devices through KPIs.

There is also a mobile app available which focus is on the remote access feature (no account or devices management).


M2Web platform

M2Web is a web-browser based platform allowing secure remote access to Ewon Cosy or Ewon Flexy - and machines behind it - connected to Talk2M.

You will be able to display your HMI, camera, the KPIs of your Ewon Flexy and so easily get instant information about the health, performance or targeted key values of all their connected machines.

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Talk2M Connection Checker

The Talk2M connection checker is a useful tool that helps identify potential Talk2M connection issues when using eCatcher or installing an Ewon Cosy or Flexy on a network.

The connection checker delivers a detailed report of your network configuration and its compatibility towards Talk2M.

Talk2M Plans

To benefit from the Ewon Cloud Services, you need a Talk2M account.

There are two different types of Talk2M account:

Talk2M Free+

The Free+ account is the by-default Talk2M account. It is free and already offers quite extensive services (security, account management, device configuration) to perform the remote access and remote monitoring of your devices.

The creation of a Talk2M account always begins with a Free+ account type using the eCatcher tool.

Talk2M PRO

The Pro account is the upgrade of the Free+ account. It is essential if you want to perform advanced configuration such as segregation between users and/or devices, allow access based on protocol / ports / devices, or increase the number of simultaneous connections.

The upgrade to a PRO account must be requested through your Ewon distributor.

Want to know more about Talk2M?

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You have the possibility to learn everything - the basics but also the advanced settings - on your Talk2M Free+ / PRO account through our how-to videos on the HMS Academy platform.

eLearning for Free+ eLearning for PRO

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Find a list of all technical documents useful to learn more about your Ewon device works and its interactions with other devices / situations / concepts.

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If you are encountering an error or need details on a specific event from the logs, the troubleshooting section is the right place to search for an answer.

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