You can use the Ewon to access remotely a Schneider® PLC.

The following simplified configuration process is based on the XWAY Drivers Manager software, provided by Schneider®.

You can find a more detailed version of how to remote access a Schneider® PLC in the Resources section here under or in the Downloads and Documentation.

Step #1

Before opening the XWAY Drivers Manager software, it is recommended to disconnect the VPN tunnel between your computer and the eWON. By doing so, you will avoid routing issues.

Now that the software is open, go the the Drivers Management Properties and select the XIP Drivers tab.

Click on the Configuration button.

Schneider XIP Driver - Step 1

Step #2

First, choose your profile and the XWAY address for the local host.
The XWAY address (of the Schneider) needs to be in the same range as the XWAY address of the remote host (the eWON).

In the New remote host section, provide the XWAY address of the eWON and the IP address of your Schneider PLC.

Click on Add, then on Save.

Schneider - XIP Driver - Step 2

Step #3

You are done with the configuration of the software.

Perform a test connection to make sure everything is working as it should.


AUG-0054-00 - Configure the remote access for Schneider PLC M285-based model2.31.81 MB Download
AUG-0038-00 - Configure the remote access for Schneider PLC2.32.17 MB Download