You can use the Ewon to access remotely an Omron® PLC.

The following simplified configuration process is based on the CX-Programmer® software, provided by Omron.

You can find a more detailed version of how to remote access an Omron® PLC in the Resources section here under or in the Downloads and Documentation.

Step #1

Before opening the CX-Programmer software, make sure the VPN tunnel between your computer and the eWON is established (i.e.: via eCatcher)

Now that the software is open,open your PLC project, right-click on the main entry and select Change.

OMRON - CX Programmer - Step 1

Step #2

The Network Type can be either Ethernet (FINS/TCP) or Ethernet.

Click on Settings to configure the parameters of the network type.

OMRON - CX Programmer - Step 2

Step #3

As the the Network tab is selected, keep the default value for the Network and Node fields of the FINS Destination address section.

You should however increase the Response timeout.

OMRON - CX Programmer - Step 3

Step #4

Switch to the Driver tab.

Insert a proper IP address for the PLC. This one needs to be in the same IP range than the eWON.

Set the TCP server port to 9600 and check the Auto-negotiation box.

OMRON - CX Programmer - Step 4

Step #5

You are done with the configuration of the software.

Perform a test connection to make sure everything is working as it should.


AUG-0036-00 - Configure the remote access for Omron PLC2.31.99 MB Download