You can use the Ewon to access remotely an Allen-Bradley® PLC.

The following simplified configuration process is based on the RSLinx® software, provided by Allen-Bradley®.

You can find a more detailed version of how to remote access an Allen-Bradley PLC in the Resources section here under or in the Downloads and Documentation.

Step #1

Open the driver configuration panel by clicking on the Drivers menu button.

Configure the driver by selecting Ethernet devices in the list of available driver types.

Rockwell - RSLinx - Driver Configuration - Step 1

Step #2

Once the driver has been added to the viewport, right-click on the newly added element and choose to configure it.

The hostname must be set by providing the IP address of the Rockwell PLC linked to your eWON.

Rockwell - RSLinx - Driver Configuration - Step 2

Step #3

The RSLinx software is now configured and your Rockwell PLC is ready to be used.

Perform a test connection to make sure everything is working as it should.

Rockwell - RSLinx - Driver Configuration - Step 3


AUG-0035-00 - Configure the remote access for Allen-Bradley PLC2.32.02 MB Download