Information about Credit Returns to HMS

This information is general policy for Credit Returns, local rules may apply on individual geographical areas.

General Terms  
If you purchased the HMS product through an HMS representative such as a distributor, please contact the distributor directly for return instructions prior to applying for a CRN (Credit Return Number).
Since HMS Products are produced upon a direct order, HMS will only grant a possible 75% refund of sales price if all of the following conditions are met. Please also note what products are not refundable. 
  • Factory Seal labels must be intact. For product excluded from the HMS’ Factory Seal Label program, a refund will only be issued for unused product returned in its original product box. In all cases, the product box cannot be defaced, damaged, stickered, or marked or in any other unsalable condition.

  • Credit Return Requests must be made within 90 days of product shipment from HMS.All Credit Return requests made for product shipped after 90 days will be denied.

  • There is a limit of a maximum of 5 units per order which you can get a refund for. If there are any uncertainties regarding the shipment date, please see the dispatch note or contact your local HMS representative.

  • HMS’s customer is responsible for the return shipment and freight costs.

  • It is mandatory to obtain a Credit Return Number (CRN) prior to shipment of products to HMS. The CRN number is obtained by filling in a Credit Return Request Form. Our Credit Return Forms can be found under “SUPPORT” on respective brands website.

Products which are refundable:
HMS brand:  
EtherNet/IP Linking Device 

Anybus brand: 
All standard gateway and wireless hardware products not specifically stated as non‐returnable. (Exceptions may apply for X-gateways with unique network combinations)

Ixxat brand: 
All standard hardware products not specifically stated as non‐returnable. 

Ewon brand:
All standard Cosy, Flexy and Netbiter hardware products not specifically stated as non‐returnable. 

Intesis brand:
All standard gateway products not specifically stated as non-returnable.


Products which are NOT refundable:
Anybus brand:
Accessories, customized hardware, software such as NetTool, comDTM, JAVA SDK, 
LW‐tool and all Embedded products (Anybus‐S, ‐IC, C40 based embedded products, C30‐based embedded products, ‐I/O, ‐DT) 

Ixxat brand: 
Accessories, customized hardware, OEM solutions, all protocol software, canAnalyser, IP cores and similar, all tools.

Ewon brand:  
Acccessories, CD Series products, eFive products, software, cloud access, SIM cards

Intesis brand: 
Accessories, customized hardware, OEM products, software, cloud services.

Product(s) may not be shipped without a valid CRN number, and all packages must be marked with the CRN number clearly visible. The use of the Credit Return request form is mandatory. Please include a copy of the completed CRN form in the box with the returned shipment. 
Shipments which do not fulfill these requirements will be returned to the customer and unhandled without additional notice. 

For any questions related to Purchasing, Payment or Returns, please contact the 
HMS Customer Service team via phone or email. 

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