Manual Firmware Download

The form available on this page allows the manual download of firmware versions, starting v14, for Ewon Cosy131, Cosy+ and Flexy.

If you need to download a firmware for another Ewon product (Ewon CD, Cosy141, ...), please use the eBuddy tool which will give you the opportunity to download the latest firmware version for your Ewon product.

To retrieve the desired firmware version. You must select:

  • Your Ewon device.
  • The method you wish to upload your Ewon Cosy131 or Flexy:
    • USB stick and SD card (simple update)
    • An FTP tool (simple update)
    • Through eBuddy (simple update or recovery)
  • The type of update for Ewon Cosy+
    • As a simple update
    • As a factory reset update

A short notice will explain how to proceed to update your Ewon device.

Finally click the Download button. A dialog box will ask where to save the file.

You can also check the Ewon firmware release note.

Download your firmware file

Select your Ewon device