4G Modem Firmware Updated

Mobile Network Operators - MNO - have planned for 2019/2020 to upgrade the 4G protocol broadcasted on their networks.

By doing so, many industrial modem-based devices which embed a specific modem chipset - the Intel XMM71xx and XMM72xx - will no longer be able to connect to this updated 4G network.

Some Ewon devices embed these 4G EU (Europe) or 4G NA (North-America) cellular modems and must update their 4G modem firmware to continue connecting to a 4G network.

The current Ewon devices in the need of this update are the following ones (based on their serial number):

  • Cosy 131 – 4G EU: EC6133G
    • SN below 1829-0231-22
    • SN from 1903-0941-22 to 1903-0980-22
    • SN from 1903-1061-22 to 1903-1080-22
  • Cosy 131 – 4G US: EC6133H
    • SN below 1851-0029-22
  • Flexy extension card – 4G EU: FLB 3204
    • SN below 0967-1911-0002-23
  • Flexy extension card – 4G NA: FLB 3205
    • SN below 0968-1907-0001-24

Note: Ewon devices have a WAN fallback mecanism. This means that if the Ewon device cannot connect to the 4G network, it will fallback to the 3G/2G network.

To update the modem firmware, 3 differents methods exist:

  • Use the Ewon SIB Fix Tool.
  • Use the SD card commissioning.
  • Use the FTP server of the Ewon.

Update the Modem Firmware

Regardless of the method used to update the modem firmware of your 4G-based Ewon, the update can last between 5 to 15 minutes.

We recommend updating the modem firmware while the Ewon is already powered on.

Ewon SIB Fix Tool

The Ewon SIB Fix Tool is the easiest solution to detect, identify and update the Ewon(s) that are connected to your network (physical network, just like eBuddy, or VPN through eCatcher).

This tool is useful if your Ewon(s) is located on a remote site or elsewhere on your physical network.

Download the SIB Fix Tool

Detailed information and process in our document.

SD Card Commissioning

The Ewon Cosy 131 and Ewon Flexy can be updated using an SD card.

To do so, you will need to copy the below .edf file (depending on your model) on the SD card and insert this SD card into your Ewon.

You can update the modem firmware of your Ewon by following the same process as updating the OS firmware of your Ewon.

Download the .edf files:

Detailed information and process in our document.

FTP Server

The Ewon owns an FTP server that you can use to update the modem firmware.

To do so, you need to open an FTP connection with your FTP client to your Ewon and drop the .edf file (depending on your model).

Download the .edf files:

Detailed information and process in our document.


To confirm that the modem of your Ewon has been successfully updated, you should verify its version.

The version the modem firmware must be one of the following (depending on the model):

  • For EU models (Cosy 131 and Flexy extension cards): [...].404
  • For US models (Cosy 131 and Flexy extension cards): [...].505

The modem firmware version can be verified by browsing in your Internet browser to Ewon web interface > Status > System Info > Info.

Detailed information and process in our document.