Latest Ewon firmware version is 20.0s0 (Cosy+) | 14.4s1 (Cosy131 & Flexy) | Check the release note

Ewon Devices

The OS of your Ewon device

The firmware of an Ewon device is similar to the OS running on your computer.

By making sure your Ewon device is running the latest firmware, you get the assurance that:

  • Your Ewon device is protected against the latest known security threats.
  • You get yours hands on the latest features.
  • The latest known bugs have been fixed.



Update made easy

If you own an Ewon Cosy+, you can benefit from the online firmware update.

This feature is part of the Ewon Cosy+'s web interface which proposes a menu link labeled as "Firmware Update".

This firmware update through the web interface enables you to either:

  • Activate the automatic firmware update.
    The Ewon Cosy+ will check each 24h (or after a reboot) if a new firmware is available.
  • Manually update your Ewon Cosy+
    You can let the Ewon Cosy+ update its firmware all by its own without activating the automatic update feature.


Update firmware through the GUI
eBuddy - Ewon Firmware selection




Update through eBuddy

eBuddy is an Ewon application that helps you manage the firmware of your Ewon device.

We consider eBuddy to be the best solution for the following upgrade case:

  • You have a single or very few Ewons to upgrade, reachable locally or through a Talk2M connection;

In most cases, an Internet connection is needed to retrieve the latest firmware versions from our servers.

Manual Update

You can also perform the Ewon firmware update yourself:

  • by transferring the firmware to the FTP server of your Ewon device with the help of your favorite FTP client software.
  • by inserting an SD card or USB flash drive, which contains the firmware, in your Ewon device. This solution requires an on-site presence.
  • by using eBuddy when the firmware version file is already available on the computer performing the upgrade.

We consider the manual update to be the best solution for the following update cases:

  • You have a lot of Ewon devices to upgrade, and would like to perform the upgrade in a batch
    => SD card or USB flash drive.
  • You wish to upgrade straight to the latest version without going through each major version in between (e.g.: v11 straight to v14)
    => SD card or USB flash drive
  • The upgrade is performed by a person who is local and has little/no experience with the Ewon
    => SD card or USB flash drive.
  • You have an upgrade to perform to a firmware version which is not the latest one (e.g.: v14.0s0 to 14.2s0)
    => FTP connection.
Update Ewon firmware manually through USB or SD
Ewon Flexy - Automatic update by script



Scripting upgrade for Flexy devices

This automatic update concerns only the Ewon Flexy as this update process is done through BASIC scripting. It is recommended for advanced users.

The script retrieves the firmware file from the official Ewon website and installs it on your Ewon Flexy.


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