Data Visualization


Standing for Key Performance Indicator, the aim of the KPIs is to provide a better view of some critical/favorite tags to the user.

KPI can be displayed on the web interface of the Flexy but can also be retrieved through EBD to be integrated in a custom web pages, or through the OPC UA protocol, ...

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viewON is a graphical environment used to design animated HMI pages. Its purpose is to let you create your own custom web pages without knowledge of HTML or SSI (Server Side Include) languages.

Embedded as a web page, viewON transforms the Flexy into a powerful remote dashboard containing complete synoptic with various objects and animations.

The projects created with viewON are based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. These languages assure a compatibility with modern browsers and mobile devices.

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viewON - Schema

Custom webpages

The Flexy offers the possibility to customize web pages to show tag values directly on a custom HTML page instead of the traditional internal table page inside the Flexy embedded website.

The Flexy can host a web site containing user defined web pages. The hosting management can be done as you would do it for common web site, thus using the Flexy FTP server.

When connecting to the Flexy FTP server, the root directory contains a /usr directory. The pages from the custom website can be located in that directory or in sub-directories of /usr.

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