Data Logging

The Flexy is capable of recording the data coming from 3rd-party devices plugged in the Flexy. This data is represented by tags defined by the user.

There are 2 types of logging:

  • Historical Logging: this type of recording keeps track (a log) of the data based on specifications defined by the user. It makes it possible, for example, to retrieve tags values on a specific date range.
  • Real-time Logging: this option displays the latest values of tags as a graph.

How to?

Set up the levels

The data logging setup must be operated when creating/editing a tag. This is done in the Tags section of the Flexy web interface while the Tags section is in Setup mode.

Setup of the Tag Logging

Check the values

To display the historical or real-time logging, two buttons are available in the top menu from the Tags section while the Tags section is in View mode.

Display the Tag Logging