Data Export


The Talk2M service DataMailbox allows easy retrieval of the Flexy historical data in order to collect field data from remote sites and send it for example into one centralized application, historian or ERP.

The Flexy pushes its historical data to the DataMailbox which can then be exploited by your web services using API calls.

How DataMailbox works

Ewon Partners

Ewon partners offer software packages and / or applications for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics and maintenance features to give sense to data collected from industrial equipment.

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Retrieving the data from the Talk2M DataMailbox is possible thanks to (DMWeb) API calls. You can manage to create your own application by learning on the Developer website.

Learn about the DMWeb API

Direct Exchange

The Flexy is also capable to send its data directly to your services without going through the DataMailbox.

Multiple channels can be used: MQTT, Export Block Descriptors, task planner, ...

Check the Developer website