Data Services

The Flexy embeds different data services. These can be very useful for reporting, monitoring a system, preventing events, looking at trends and storing historical values, export data...

Icon - Alarm


The alarms in a Flexy are used to notify (un)defined users about a specific behavior that has been defined beforehand and is currently happening in the Flexy.

Set your alarms

Iocn - Planner

Task Planner

The Flexy contains a task planner which allows specific actions defined by the user to be performed automatically on a recurrent time interval.

Configure automated tasks
Icon - Logs


The Flexy is capable of recording the data coming from 3rd-party devices plugged in the Flexy. This data is represented by tags defined by the user.

Log your data records

Icon - Data Publishing

Data Gateway

The Flexy is a data gateway as it can publish data received from PLC to external devices through different communication protocols: OPC UA, Modbus and SNMP.

Publish your data
Icon - Export

Data Export

The Flexy is able to push its data to the Talk2M DataMailbox or a 3rd-party (cloud) server which allows an easy and more common access to handle the data.

Export your data
Icon - Visualization

Data Visualization

There are different methods to create a personalized dashboard or visualization to display (graphically) the current or historical status of your Flexy.

Create your own dashboard
Icon - Programming


Extend the Flexy's feature or behavior by programming it with your own code based on BASIC, Java or web APIs.

Program your own code and behavior