The Flexy can be linked to Schneider PLCs thanks to the Unite IO server.

The RS485 serial link of the Flexy can be configured as a Uni-Telway Slave interface. This slave interface provides 2 features:

  • Poll items in a Uni-Telway capable device. The device can be the Uni-Telway master itself or a device reachable through the Uni-Telway master on the XWay network.
  • Forward XIP requests from TCP/IP XIP to Uni-Telway bus and thus, act as a gateway between XIP and Uni-Telway.
    In this case, it would be possible, for example, to access a PLC connected to the Flexy Uni-Telway link by connecting a PL7PRO using the XIP driver which already has the Flexy IP address set as destination.

The remote maintenance functionality is available.


AUG-0038-00 - Configure the remote access for Schneider PLC2.32.17 MB Download
AUG-0054-00 - Configure the remote access for Schneider PLC M285-based model2.31.81 MB Download
AUG-0078-00 - Poll data from Schneider PLC using Ethernet procotol1.01.40 MB Download
RG-0007-01 - IO Servers1.21.88 MB Download