Allen-Bradley - Rockwell

The Flexy supports different Rockwell models: SLC 50x, MicroLogix, PLC5, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, ...

If you wish to watch a general example of a Flexy being configured to connect to an Allen-Bradley using RS-Linx/RS-Logix, check the following video tutorial!

The Flexy lists two IO servers that can be used with Rockwell PLCs:

  • DF1 primarily used for serial communication
  • ABLOGIX primarily used for Ethernet/IP communication

The following table indicates which IO server should be used based on the Allen-Bradley PLC model:

 PLC Model
eWON IO Server
 PLC 5    ✔ DF1
 SLC 50x    ✔  DF1
 MicroLogix      DF1
 CompactLogix      ABLOGIX
 ControlLogix      ABLOGIX
 FlexLogix       ABLOGIX

Different video tutorials exist to show you how to connect a specific Rockwell model with the relevant eWON IO server:

For more information about the DF1 and ABLOGIX IO servers, and especially when to use them in regards of the protocol used, please refer to the RG-0007-00: IO Servers listed hereunder or in the Downloads & Documentation section.


AUG-0035-00 - Configure the remote access for Allen-Bradley PLC2.32.02 MB Download
AUG-0045-00 - Poll data from Allen-Bradley PLC using serial protocol2.2967.17 KB Download
AUG-0079-00 - Poll data from Allen-Bradley PLC using Ethernet protocol2.1893.74 KB Download
RG-0007-01 - IO Servers1.21.88 MB Download