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Your Ewon Cosy up & running

The Ewon Cosy is in your hands and you would like some help with how to set it up?

We created a step-by-step guide specifically for that purpose that we divided in 3 steps:

  • Preparation: We list everything you need to go further on with the installation of your Ewon Cosy.
  • Installation: We explain how to fix your Ewon Cosy, to plug in the communication / power cables, ...
  • Configuration: We demonstrate how to set the basics settings (user, date/time, ...) and the communication interfaces (internet and VPN) so your Ewon Cosy is ready for remote access.
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Connect to your Ewon Cosy remotely

The main purpose of the Ewon Cosy is to provide a remote access to your on-site devices.

The Ewon solution for remote access is called Talk2M: a cloud bridge that connects your Ewon Cosy and your computer / mobile devices together.

Based on Section #1, you configured your Ewon Cosy to be remote access ready. Now, you would like to know how to establish this remote access from your computer, your mobile, ...

To get your computer or mobile device Ewon remote access ready (just as your Ewon Cosy), you will need to use one of the following Talk2M tools:

  • eCatcher or eCatcher Mobile App (our Windows / Android / iOS native VPN apps)
  • M2Web (our web-based platform).
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Field connectivity on Factory LAN


Field Connectivity

The Ewon Cosy is capable of communicating with your on-site devices: various PLC brands, HMI, IP devices (such as camera), ...

If HMI and IP devices are pretty straight forward in their configuration, PLC devices might require extra steps.

For the Ewon Cosy and a PLC to know how to talk to each other, you must first configure the PLC software with the right settings.

Configure your on-site device to be Ewon compatible

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You have the possibility to learn all there is to know - the basics but also the advanced settings - about your Ewon device through our how-to videos on the HMS Academy platform.

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Find a list of all technical documents useful to learn more about your Ewon device works and its interactions with other devices / situations / concepts.

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If you are encountering an error or need details on a specific event from the logs, the troubleshooting section is the right place to search for an answer.

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