Secure and easy remote connectivity for Factory Owners

Improve your productivity and greatly reduce maintenance costs with Ewon’s IIoT solutions.

Powerful Solutions for your Organization

Manage the remote connectivity of your automation equipment

Troubleshoot your PLC remotely

Keep control of your suppliers’ connectivity

Monitor your assets from any

Monitor your equipment at any time

Equipment monitoring at your fingertips

Connect PLCs to your factory software using OPC UA

Collect machine data for your IoT Applications

Harmonize the communication on the factory floor

Manage the remote connectivity on your factory floor

Manage the remote connectivity on your factory floor

  • No. 1 remote access solution 6 years in a row

  • Freemium model with 10,000 customers worldwide

  • High acceptance by factory owners

  • ISO27001 certified security

Compatible with all major PLC brands






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Keep control of your supplier’s connectivity

Reduce downtime by providing your external partners with a secure remote access to your automation equipment.

  • Manage all users from one single place and enable access only when needed.
  • Monitor all activity through detailed connection audit trails.
  • Standardize remote connectivity within your organization to one secure solution, validated and easily manageable.

Equipment monitoring at your fingertips

Check on your assets at any time, from anywhere and from any device.

  • Get an overview of the KPIs of all your machines, or access the local dashboard of a specific equipment.
  • Be alerted of important events and deviations through email or SMS notifications.

Harmonize the communication on the factory floor

Collect data across your factories to feed IT/IoT software and optimize your production.

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