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Discover, through use-cases, uplifting and inspiring content, how Ewon solutions can help you turn your IIoT dreams into reality!

Give life to all your IIoT projects with the Ewon Flexy Edge Gateway

Our multipurpose IIoT gateway allows you to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance.

FlexThink! Belgium

Our partner Bintz organizes three FlexThink! seminars in Belgium. Join us and discover the full potential of the Ewon Flexy. Looking forward to welcoming you in Antwerp, Ghent or Louvain-la-Neuve.

Security at every level of our solution

Fully integrated security within our routers and cloud platforms for today, tomorrow, and every day that follows

Get your very own Demo of Ewon Cosy!

Cosy in an easy-to-use router that enables you to troubleshoot your machines remotely. Request your demo and discover all the benefits of Industrial Remote Access.

Build your Flexy

Both Flexy 205 and Flexy 200 series support a wide range of protocols. Pick your extension cards and create new value-adding services thanks to the data acquisition capabilities of our IIoT Gateways.

FlexThink! Seminars

Industrial IIoT made real! Join us for the next FlexThink! event near you. An opportunity to discover concrete use cases of the Ewon Flexy, our IIoT Gateway!

Industrial Connectivity made Secure and Easy

From remote troubleshooting to data collection from the factory floor, Ewon’s solutions have shown that successful remote connectivity to a machine has fast ROI across all industries.

Ewon Winter Camp 2020

Two exciting days to brainstorm, exchange ideas, and help our business unit grow!

Central Operations Data Collection with Talk2M

We have the right solutions to support any of your IIoT initiatives: from raw data collected on the Flexy to actionable metrics and KPIs shared across the cloud.

Customizable web portal to all your machines

With M2Web, you can easily access all your machines from one single web portal. No matter where you are, get your machines and assets performances at your fingertips.

OPC UA: supported by all Ewon Flexy routers and gateways

A modern communications protocol for industrial automation that enables you to easily connect to your machines, to modernize your assets and to securely collect data from the factory floor.

Turn OT data into actionable insights and analytics

Curious to see how you can leverage the Flexy 205 dual IIoT Gateway and Remote Access router to diagnose and solve problems remotely? Register now for our 30-minute webinar.

Why does Industrial IoT need Cloud Computing?

Discover why and how Talk2M, our industrial connectivity cloud, allows our customers to connect to some 120,000 machines installed around the world.

Download the second edition of "Secure Remote Access for Dummies"!

And learn the business benefits of remote connectivity. With Ewon Routers and Talk2M, easily and securely gain access to your machines to provide world-class service for your customers.

More than routers, an end-to-end connectivity solution

Ewon offers connectivity solutions that allow machine builders and factory owners to remotely monitor the performance of their equipment.

We take even more care of your machine connectivity

Ensure an easy and successful setup of your machine connectivity thanks to Talk2M and its Easy Setup features!

The premier Talk2M Remote Access VPN client

Our free-of-charge VPN client allows you to connect to your machines and manage your account all from one piece of software. Not to mention the additional features available with Talk2M Pro.

Connectivity-as-a-service for when it truly matters

Discover Talk2M, a scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud. With servers spread around the globe, it enables our customers to monitor their assets wherever they are.