Customizable web portal to all your machines

With M2Web, you can easily access all your machines from one single web portal. No matter where you are, get your machines and assets performances at your fingertips.

M2Web: portal to your machines

Easy remote web access to your HMI devices

M2Web is a free standard service of Talk2M providing secure browser-based mobile access to your remote HMI, web server, PC and panels. M2Web gives Machines Builders, OEMs and System Integrators a new way to acces their remote devices from any web browser on any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.

M2Web free web portal

Instantly access HMI's, IP Cameras and Any other Web Servers

M2Web is a web-based client. It allows remote web access to any HMI devices (Panel, PC, HTML configuration pages, etc.) connected to the Ewon, including the Ewon. M2Web establishes a secure HTTPS connection while allowing to connect to a wide variety of HMI's as it supports:

  • HTTP for any device with an embedded web server
  • VNC for any HMI panel using VNC technology
  • RDP for any Windows-based PC or controller

User Friendly, Device Independent and included with all Talk2M plans

M2Web only requires a web browser, no installation nor software. This means you can use it on any device connected to the Internet with a web browser. You can thus access your devices from a PC, Mac, tablet or a smartphone. M2Web is included with all Talk2M accounts. You don't need to subscribe to any other services. Great assets to improve real-time decision making wherever you are.

M2Web is very easy. No need to be tech-savvy. Simply go to the dedicated M2Web address within your web browser and login using your Talk2M credentials. Choose within the list the device you want to access. That's it! You are connected.

M2Web - Browser Mockup_Access your HMI, Control panel
M2Web - Browser Mockup_Alarms

Your machines KPI's and Alarms monitored from a single place

Monitor your KPI's in an easy to read dashboard. Up to 6 KPI's per machine can show current value tags.

Proactively manage your machine's efficiency. KPI's are color-code to indicate alarm state:

  • Blue for Normal State
  • Yellow for Warning State
  • Red for Alarm State

Available worldwide and customizable

M2Web's global map view provides crucial information into a meaningful view. Check the status and KPI's of your machines in seconds directly on the map. 

M2Web can also be customized. With the Logo Program, you can modify the portal so that it matches your brand’s environment and graphical identity. Your customer remains in a familiar context.

Check out a demo of the logo program

The M2Web logo program also provide you with the possibility to integrate a login box within your own website so that the user don’t need to access it from another website link and don’t have the feeling they are leaving your environment.

See how M2Web login screen could look like once integrated to your website

M2Web - Browser Mockup_Map
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