Secure Machine Connectivity, Wherever you Want

Discover Talk2M, a scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud. With servers spread around the globe, it enables our customers to access their assets wherever they are.
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Talk2M: Transparent and Secure Industrial Cloud


We not only maintain but also constantly improve the levels of performance, service and security of our connectivity cloud. Through this process, we publish our infrastructure availability publicly on our website. Our cloud also adheres to high levels of security thanks to our ISO27001 certification.

Talk2M is included with all our routers

Free of charge and included with all devices


Our solution is made possible through a joint effort between our routers and our cloud solution. As a result, all devices are provided with cloud connectivity, free of charge. You can add as many users and as many devices as you need while still enjoying the same quality of service. Most of our customers are satisfied with these services.

HMS_web-icon_T2M Pro

Pro features for our most demanding customers


As your business grows and your management needs increase, we recommend that customers upgrade to a Talk2M Pro license. This additional level of service provides improved user management and a global service level agreement. You also receive additional concurrent connections, unlimited web portal connections, and the ability to view all your sites from our VPN client.

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The First Industrial Cloud Shapes The World


Talk2M: Trusted, Mature, and Reliable

Since 2006, the unique Talk2M service meets the expectations of Machine Builders, System Integrators and OEMs who want to access their machines remotely in an easy and secure way. Over the years, Talk2M has become more than a cloud for remote access to machines - it has developed into a fundamental link in the Industrial IoT value chain. Software teams also take advantage of the Talk2M platform to securely retrieve data from the field, developing applications which add value to the data. With well-defined operational services to manage accounts and devices, Talk2M is the best choice for your remote solution.

Here's how you can get started and ensure successful remote connectivity:

  • Convenient preparation: before a machine is shipped to the factory for the end customer, there are many unknowns. By using the Remote Access FAQ, factory owners understand what is necessary to ensure a successful installation. Furthermore, for on-site testing, you can utilize the Talk2M Connection Checker to get a live diagnostic on your connectivity potential with Talk2M. Possible firewall issues or proxy requirements are identified as action points immediately.
  • Easy configuration: when it comes time to set up your Ewon router, the free-of-charge VPN client, eCatcher, allows you to configure the router without ever making a local connection. By using the USB wizard, you can get your router registered into your Ewon account in less than 5 minutes!
  • Successful installation: once your machine is installed in the factory, you want to ensure that you can reliably make remote connections at the request of your customer. There is usually some additional integration work to be done in order to meet customer deadlines. Thanks to Talk2M and the free-of-charge VPN client, concerns of network overlap issues and IP conflicts are a thing of the past. You can now simply log into your account and connect to your device!

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Key Features of Talk2M, Ewon Industrial Connectivity Cloud

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IT Approved

Evolutive & Scalable

  • Talk2M Free+ included with all routers
  • Available in 156 countries and counting
  • Unlimited number of machines & users

High Availability & Redundancy

  • More than 30 servers / installations spread over 3+ hosting providers
  • Optimized server locations for minimum latency
  • Supervised 24/7/365 by on-duty engineers

Documents and support area

Download Area

Talk2M Plans and Pricing

Choose between our Talk2M Free+ solution and our Talk2M Pro version according to your needs. The table on this page will help you make the best choice.
Talk2M Free+ Talk2M Pro

Pricing Included with all routers Annual Credit Refill*
Number of Devices Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced User Rights Management - Check
Device Grouping - Check
Service Level Agreement - Check
Concurrent VPN connections** 1 3+
Concurrent Mobile Connections (M2Web and eCatcher Mobile) 5 Unlimited
VPN monthly traffic Max 3GB 9+ GB***
DataMailbox monthly upload Max 5 M datapoints 10+ M datapoints***

*Based on normal monthly VPN consumption and Data upload
**Concurrent connections refer to the number of simultaneously connected users on a single account
***Pro Accounts exceeding the allocated VPN monthly traffic or the allocated DataMailbox data usage are subject to overage charges.

Eager to take even more benefits of our solution?

Talk2M comes with a series of clients and Services that will help you leverage all the benefits of a connected machine


M2Web free web portal


The free white label web portal of Talk2M providing secure mobile access to your remote HMI, web server, PC and panels.

eCatcher, Talk2M Remote Access VPN Software


The Talk2M Remote Connectivity software enabling you to connect within a high secure environment to all your devices.

 Talk2M Data Services 

Data Services

Talk2M supports your IIoT initiatives by providing dedicated services and APIs to easily manage your data.

Like all cloud platforms, Talk2M is governed by general terms and conditions that shall apply as of your first use of our remote connectivity services. These are available via the following link:

Talk2M General Terms and Conditions of Use