OPC UA: supported by all Ewon Flexy devices and gateways

A modern communications protocol for industrial automation that enables you to easily connect to your machines, to modernize your assets and to securely collect data from the factory floor.

Flexy is OPC UA ready!

Securely enable your data from your Machines to your Factory Enterprise System

What is OPC UA (Unified Architecture)?

It is a communication protocol for a secure and reliable exchange of data in industrial automation applications. OPC UA has the huge advantage of being platform-independent. It ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. From sensors to cloud, OPC UA is fully scalable, object oriented and allows to use structures or models which makes governance and maintenance much easier.


Flexy 205 - OPC UA ready
Flexy is OPC-UA ready

Flexy - OPC UA Client

Take advantage of the flexible and large protocol compatibility offered by the Flexy

Flexy now integrates an OPC UA Client which, alongside the major automation protocols already embedded in it, allows even more interoperability. The highest security standard of OPC UA are fully implemented inside our Client and offers various level of authentication and encryption mechanism s to fit the security option offered by your PLC/HMI enabled with OPC UA Servers.

> Ensure IT security requirements by taking advantage of this easy to configure OPC UA Client.

Flexy - OPC UA Server

Secure communication channel between your machines and your Factory Enterprise System (SCADA, MES, ERP)

The same Flexy, thanks to the embedded OPC UA Server, provides an easy and secure communication channel to move information from device to application layer. The Flexy OPC UA Server offers security options for the authentication and encryption which are easily manageable inside the gateway and fits your OPC UA Client security.

Typical applications

A dream come true for SCADA applications. The Flexy OPC UA server is your great companion for the SCADA world (infrastructure, water, energy applications, etc.) and furthermore simply when you need to share key values of your equipment on the factory floor. Quick configuration, completely independent from the PLC.

  • Easy integration to SCADA systems
  • No need to buy and configure an OPC UA server
  • Advantage over Modbus TCP easy set-up from OPC UA

Leverage Machine Data to make better business decisions.

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