Ewon Flexy - give life to all your IIoT projects!

Unlock the data of your machines to enable remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and other value-added services.

Turn OT data into actionable insights and analytics

Curious to see how you can leverage the Flexy 205 dual IIoT Gateway and Remote Access router to diagnose and solve problems remotely? Register now for our 30-minute webinar.

Easily acquire and log data



Gather data from PLCs, sensors and other devices thanks to the support of a wide range of industrial protocols, including OPC UA.

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Create simple IIoT projects in minutes, not weeks


In a few clicks, enable alarm notifications or performance monitoring through cloud KPIs dashboards.

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Do more in the future with built-in connectors and APIs

You might not have a data application today. But when the time comes, be confident in the fact that you can connect to a local or cloud data solution and make your machine smarter.


Ewon Flexy, IIoT Gateways for collecting, aggregating, and providing secure access to industrial operations data

* no routing capability for the Serie 100




How does it work?



Our solution focuses on machine builders who wants to stay competitive. That's why our machine builders are obsessed with optimizing every aspect of their operations.

The combination of Flexy, our IIoT data gateway, and Talk2M, the first secure industrial cloud, enables our customers to connect to their machines and collect data from wherever they are deployed.



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Pick your extension cards

Discover the interchangeable extension cards of the Ewon Flexy: WiFi, 3G, 4G, USB, Ethernet WAN

The Ewon Flexy is equipped with extensions cards allowing you to keep up with the evolution of communication technologies while protecting your investment in the device. Discover them all and build your perfect Flexy!

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Flexy Data Services

The Ewon Flexy offers many services to manage your data.

  • PLC Data Acquisition
  • Alarm Management and Notification
  • Data Logging and Retrieval
  • Data Publishing protocols: OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, SNMP, HTTPs
  • Local web-dashboards / ViewON
  • Cloud live KPIs
  • Programming (Basic & Java)

Collect Your Data now!

Flexy is OPC UA Ready

Securely enable your data from your Machines to your Factory Enterprise System!

OPC UA is a communication protocol for a secure and reliable exchange of data in industrial automation applications. OPC UA has the huge advantage of being platform-independent. It ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. From sensors to cloud, OPC UA is fully scalable, object oriented and allows to use structures or models which makes governance and maintenance much easier.

Read more about OPC UA


PLC Data Acquisition

The Ewon Flexy is able to perform local data acquisition using the serial or Ethernet port. The data acquisition process is built around a tagged database in which each tag is associated with an I/O server. The Ewon Flexy is able to perform data acquisition with the following protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Uni-Telway, EtherNet/IP, DF1, FINS TCP, FINS Hostlink, ISO TCP, PPI, MPI, Profibus, Mitsubishi FX, Hitachi EH, ASCII.


Continuous data logging and buffering can be performed on every tagname. Each tagname can be logged on a fixed interval or on change (with deadband). Ewon stores tag data values (+ timestamp) in its internal database (up to 1,000,000 timestamp points) for statistical analysis and later review (historical logging) or to analyze recent trends (real-time logging).

The DataMailbox service of Talk2M is an online data buffer that allows the easy retrieval of Ewon gateway's historical data. Application developers can easily retrieve historical data from multiple Ewon gateways using the DataMailbox and a simple API call.


The datalogging files can also be retrieved by FTP, HTTP or as an email attachment.

Connection to IoT platforms

You can connect your Flexy to different clouds, including Talk2M
Direct connection to Azure IoT Hub (Microsoft) and AWS IoT (Amazon) are also possible, even if you want to use Talk2M, our Flexy is certified to connect to these other clouds
Data are stored locally so you can get started today, choose an external cloud and you won't be locked in.

Read more about IoT Solutions

Ewon Flexy Testimonal DEME Group

"The first implementation has been so positive that we've decided to equip all our new installations with Flexy 205 as a standard."

Peter Teunen - DEME Group

Ewon Flexy Gateways, proven on the factory floor with: 



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