Why does Industrial IoT need Cloud Computing?

Discover why and how Talk2M, our industrial connectivity cloud, allows our customers to connect to over 310,000 machines installed around the world.

And why Ewon solutions are the perfect fit

Over the last five years, the amount of IoT devices has doubled. By the end of 2025, the installed base should go above 75 billion. Today, more than 40% of the European and American factories have some elements connected. A number that should sharply increase as manufacturers are racing toward Industry 4.0 with an aim at gaining competitive advantage. 

Put those facts together, and it should come as no surprise that Industrial IoT needs the cloud as it provides geographic coverage for resource sharing, along with centralized management and monitoring. Those elements are essential to examine how any machine is functioning and diagnose problems when things go wrong. 

Discover how Ewon solutions help machine manufacturers to get the most out of IIoT by unlocking new revenue streams, improving operational efficiencies and delivering the best customer experience, thanks to Talk2M.


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Transparency first and foremost

The cloud is not always synonymous with nebulous. Talk2M services are delivered seamlessly. At any moment, you can check the state of health of our platform, country by country. An indicator informs you in real-time of the availability of servers in our industrial cloud. We are committed to sharing the performance of our connectivity services. On top of that, the redundancy of services is assured at all times. You are always aware of the instance on which your service is running. With Talk2M, do not waste time wondering if your machine is accessible remotely.
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Talk2M, a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Our goal is to help you connect easily and securely to all your machines, no matter where you deploy them. Security is an axis on which we will never compromise. That's why we mandate experts to audit our infrastructure regularly. Talk2M is ISO 27001 certified. This standard is widely used in the IT and industry sectors and is further proof of our commitment to provide you with secure connectivity.

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Wherever you go, Talk2M is at your side

The Talk2M connectivity cloud is available in 178 countries. A global presence whose sole beneficiaries are our customers. And this for two main reasons:
  • Centralized management of our cloud ensures you always use the latest version available. No need to clutter with complicated and expensive software servers, the Talk2M industrial connectivity platform responds as soon as you need it.

  • With Talk2M, expanding your business is easy. Fearlessly storm new markets: the combination of our gateway and Talk2M allows you to easily monitor your machines remotely. As a result, you are making better diagnoses and limiting the unnecessary travel of your maintenance teams. In addition, the international presence of our infrastructure guarantees you reduced response times as each Ewon gateway automatically connects to the nearest Talk2M server.


Support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Our service levels (SLA) guarantee you a very high level of availability, but what about eternal imponderables? By subscribing to Talk2M, you are offering more than the services of a platform. Our support teams are at your disposal 24 hours a day. No matter the nature of the problem you encounter, our experts will assist you in solving it. The key to successful connectivity does not depend exclusively on the systems but also on the teams that develop and maintain them.

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A very high level of service

We wish, at every moment, to offer you a quality service. We continually measure the availability of our platform and offer Pro account holders a strong SLA. With such a high level of service, you can be sure that you can connect to your machine as soon as you need it.

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A mature Cloud with a proven track record

Talk2M is the result of many years of development. More than servers, Talk2M is a community of satisfied customers for which our teams give themselves 100%. More than 310,000 machines are accessible through our cloud, and this year, for the sixth time in a row, the combination of Talk2M and Ewon devices have been voted the best industrial remote access solution by readers of Control Design Magazine.

Meet all your organisation's needs in terms of Remote Access and Industrial Data Analytics, thanks to Talk2M.

Industrial Routers

Ewon Industrial Routers for Easy and Secure Connectivity

Enjoy the benefits of on-demand remote access, collect and aggregate industrial operations data locally or centrally in the cloud.
IIoT as a Service

Data Services: Talk2M to easily retrieve your data

Talk2M supports your IIoT initiatives by providing dedicated services and APIs to easily manage your data.
Your machine portal

Web Dashboard: M2Web

The free white label web portal of Talk2M providing secure mobile access to your remote HMI, web server, PC and panels.
Remote Access VPN client

Smart VPN Client: Ewon eCatcher

The Talk2M Remote Connectivity software enabling you to connect within a high secure environment to all your devices.
Connectivity as a Service

Industrial Cloud: Ewon Talk2M

Discover Talk2M, a scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud.