Talk2M Pro

Enjoy the extended version of Talk2M, allowing you to take even more advantage of your connectivity

Talk2M Pro

The Talk2M Pro plan is designed for customers who want to maximize the benefits of the global connectivity on all their industrial equipment.

In addition to more traffic and Data, Talk2M Pro offers additional features such as more concurrent connections, advanced access control, fine-grained security, offline notifications and unlimited
mobile and web sessions (M2Web portal and eCatcher mobile)

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Talk2M Pro guarantees higher service availability

The Talk2M Pro plan offers a strong Service Level Agreement (% availability):

  • Remote Access: 99.6%
  • M2Web portal: 99.6%
  • M2Web API: 99.6%
  • DataMailbox API (DMWeb): 99.5%

Talk2M Pro complies with IT policies

  • Only certified hosting partners
  • Advanced password policies
  • Advanced 2-factor authentication rules
  • Advanced firewalling rules
  • Be notified when one of your Ewon gateways goes offline for too long.
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HMS_web-icon_Talk2M_very high level of service

Talk2M Pro is flexible and adapts to your business

  • Multiple concurrent desktop connections (eCatcher)
  • Unlimited concurrent web portal connections (M2Web)
  • Unlimited concurrent mobile connections (eCatcher mobile)
  • More traffic and data upload to the DataMailbox

Talk2M Pro manages all your sites from a single account.

  • Register Ewon devices across all your different sites and segment them into pools.
  • Create and manage all users while restricting access to specific clients/protocols/devices/pool of devices.
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The Talk2M Pro plan 

No. of users and devices


Concurrent mobile connections(1)
(M2Web + eCatcher Mobile)
Concurrent desktop connections(1)
Included monthly Remote Access traffic 9+ GB(3)
Included monthly Datamailbox upload 10.000.000+ datapoints(4)
Advanced user rights management Yes
Device grouping (pools) Yes
2-factor authentication (SMS) Unlimited
Wake-up SMS/Alarm SMS per month
Sent through Talk2M without sim card
Service Level Agreement Yes(6)
Pricing Subscription(7)

(1) Concurrent connections refer to the number of simultaneously connected users on a single account
(2) Additional desktop concurrent connections can be purchased / 3 additional GB included per concurrent connection.
(3Accounts exceeding the allocated VPN monthly traffic are subject to overage charges.
(4) Accounts exceeding the allocated DataMailbox data usage are subject to overage charges.
(5) Additional SMS are subject to an additional fee
(6) Remote Access, M2Web portal & M2Web API : 99,6% availability
     DataMailbox API (DMWeb): 99.5% availability
(7) Based on normal monthly VPN consumption and Data upload

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