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Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines


The PLC installed on your machine requires some minor updates or your customer asks you to perform a quick check of your machine. Unfortunately, your customer's factory is hours away. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome — for you and your customers — if you could quickly and securely perform diagnostics and resolve most of those issues remotely?

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In this book, you will discover, chapter after chapter, all the benefits of secure remote connectivity thanks to Ewon devices and Talk2M, our industrial cloud.

Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines - Ewon for Dummies



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Industrial Routers

Ewon Industrial Routers for Easy and Secure Connectivity

Enjoy the benefits of on-demand remote access, collect and aggregate industrial operations data locally or centrally in the cloud.
IIoT as a Service

Data Services: Talk2M to easily retrieve your data

Talk2M supports your IIoT initiatives by providing dedicated services and APIs to easily manage your data.
Your machine portal

Web Dashboard: M2Web

The free white label web portal of Talk2M providing secure mobile access to your remote HMI, web server, PC and panels.
Remote Access VPN client

Smart VPN Client: Ewon eCatcher

The Talk2M Remote Connectivity software enabling you to connect within a high secure environment to all your devices.
Connectivity as a Service

Industrial Cloud: Ewon Talk2M

Discover Talk2M, a scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud.