FlexThink! Digital Seminars

Industrial IIoT made real! An opportunity to get started with your digitalization journey and learn about concrete cases of customers using the Ewon product line to build their IIoT projects!


What is a FlexThink! Seminar?


FlexThink Digital is a series of webinar events designed for automation customers, to share market insights and opportunities to initiate their digital transformation by taking advantage of Ewon’s solutions. Join us and learn how to securely connect your industrial equipment, collect operations data and provide value-added services thanks to the Talk2M service. Meet our partners and discover how Ewon products help customers all around the world to start their IIoT journey and transform their business.


Who should attend our IIoT Seminars?


The participants of the FlexThink Digital seminars are technical leaders and business development profiles who are interested in learning more about IIoT solutions and the potential benefits for their organization.


Where and when can you join us?


So far, our partners and distributors have organized over 100 FlexThink! events in more than 40 countries. In 2020, we provide digital sessions around the world. Please, let us know your interest and we will arrange sessions with one of our local partners.


Let us know if you are interested in attending a FlexThink event and begin your IIoT Journey!



Typical Program of a FlexThink Digital with 3 webinar sessions!



#1- On-demand Remote Access & IT acceptance

During this session, we will explain the security architecture of Ewon’s solution and how it is designed to keep customers networks safe. You will also discover the best practices to be applied in your project to minimize any risk. On-demand Remote Access contributes greatly to operational efficiency and provides a very quick ROI.

#2 - On-premises Data Monitoring

The onboard data services of the Flexy can interface with any PLC for data acquisition and allow you to easily monitor your systems, manage their alarms, store historical data, build custom reports and design your own web dashboards. On-premises Data Monitoring allows you to start leveraging the data of your machines with very little investment, for example by using the Talk2M Live KPIs service. And since the data stays local, it is relatively easy to gain the acceptance of all concerned parties.

#3 – Data Collection for IoT Applications

Learn how to make the data of your equipment available to an IoT application for analysis and production optimization.

In this session, we will discuss the challenges and options to collect smart data of distributed equipment, which is the key to build analysis and optimization services. Talk2M’s dedicated APIs allow all automation equipment to smoothly feed IIoT applications and services. A Cohesive Ecosystem, with the HMS IIoT Solution Partners, HMS and its partners provide turnkey IIoT solutions for the collection, storage, analysis and visualization of your equipment data. We will show demos of the integration of Talk2M APIs within partners’ software applications.


"The FlexThink! has been very instructive to me and has opened up a lot of possibilities.I will definitively join again this year!"

Ronald van der Weegen - Owner & general manager at SieTec Industrial Automation

HMS Ewon is your best partner for a successful digitalization!


Dear visitors, let us know if you are interested in attending an upcoming FlexThink event and begin Your IIoT Journey.

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