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When power cannot fail

Netbiter monitors diesel-driven backup power generators for the Swedish power grid, making sure they are always ready to start.
Netbiter has given us a possibility to have an overview of the generators in the field. We now have full control over all parameters needed to make sure the power generators can start whenever necessary.
Marcus Ahlström


Backup power generators from Scanpower (Skandinaviska Kraftprodukter AB) make sure that Sweden’s internet communications never go down. By using the Netbiter remote management solution, it is possible to have full access to all necessary parameters and make sure that the generators always are ready to start.


How it works:

A Netbiter communication gateway is installed in each power generator connected to the control panel via the internal Modbus network. Netbiter sends all relevant information regarding the status of the power station to a web interface where it is possible to see the exact status of the engine, battery, fuel level and so on.

An alarm is triggered if something is wrong making it possible to take action, either via the remote control function or by sending a technician to the power station.