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Universal secure solution for remote maintenance with eWON routers

In the sector of manufacturers, remote maintenance is a key business in order to control high-complex and technical machines but the services provided by IT and telecommunication are often expensive and complicated. Therefore the customer demands solutions which are universally applicable and stable, simple and efficient. The company Liebherr chose eWON as the answer to this request, a technology that provides a reliable connection.
This remote maintenance solution is not only particularly flexible, but also saves administrative effort and reduces service costs in a sustainable way
Hans Zeitler

The corporate Liebherr is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world and is also specialized in other fields of technology.


Modernisation of communication structures

As the company grew more and more since the 1980s, they came to be present on a larger scale, on international market and with customers spread all over the world, new ways to provide their services quickly had to be found.

"Initially, we worked with acoustic couplers, then later with analogue modems, which meant that the user interface could already be displayed remotely. The modem finally reached its limits with increasing amounts of data. In addition, ICT structures in companies changed, for example by switching to IP telephony, which meant that modems could no longer be used" says Hans Zeitler of Liebherr. "That’s why the company searched for a new solution which would fit all applications".

"Every firm has its own philosophy and its own standards. Theoretically, this would mean dealing with every customer individually, developing and also maintaining a customized solution for them, which would overrun every budget".

Therefore, there was a need for uniform and standard solution meeting the demands of every customer. The company chose the eWON VPN router as the solution for a remote maintenance, supporting various media and usable throughout the international market.


A secure and cost-effective solution

"We came across different requirements with virtually every customer". The eWON technology works with an eWON industrial router and an online server which enable a direct connection to the system. All the terminal and user connection data are stored on the server. The machine data, which is VPN-encrypted and transmitted by the eWON router, accumulated and can be viewed by authorized users. To access this data, these users install a simple secure and free software called ‘eCatcher’.

"This remote maintenance solution is not only particularly flexible, but also saves administrative effort and reduces service costs in a sustainable way", he explained.


Multiple features

As the maintenance can be done from anywhere in the world through a simple internet connection, the installation of a remote maintenance is a save of money and time. Moreover, the traveling maintenance costs are reduced and the responsiveness is high-leveled but more important, the supervision is made easier due to the user-friendly software Talk2M which doesn’t require any specific skills. This means the company is completely self sufficient and can add new staff members or incorporate new machines into the system quite easily.

The machine data are not automatically accessible to Liebherr’s service engineers. This is only possible when the customer has enabled the remote maintenance. eWON only opens the VPN tunnel and makes data available when someone starts up the remote maintenance on site and these data then find their way to the desk of the service staff responsible via the server. Liebherr has been supplying all machine tools with the remote maintenance solution for more than half a year now and is converting further business
areas of the new universal system.



  • Provide a universal and stable maintenance system
  • Perform international competitiveness
  • Uniformed answer to customers’ request
  • Simple and efficient maintenance