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TRIEF company chose to rely on remote maintenance systems offered by eWON

The TRIEF company is specialized in cutting food and especially in turning big rounds of Gouda into handy grated cheese.
We use the Talk2M online service portal through a secure VPN tunnel via its server. So nobody needs to worry about the company network being hacked into
Thomas Kühr


This business requests high precision and efficient machines providing a perfect ambient temperature while performing a high speed of production in order to answer the market demand. In this field, long system downtimes can quickly lead to total loss of products.

Operational reliability and fast services are the keys. Therefore a perfect maintenance system is required and the TRIEF company chose to rely on remote maintenance systems offered by eWON.

At the same time, the demand of the market is more and more requiring, wanting to deliver to its customer a saving-time product: mozzarella is grated, chicken breast is cut into fillet strips and cooked meats are cut into wafer thin slices and beautifully presented in plastic packaging.

This required level is a real challenge concerning hygiene, looks and quality of the food. Machines and systems dealing with cutting and packaging foodstuffs are therefore just as complex as they are robust and need to resist the chemical cleaning as well as the constant cold and humidity.


How it works 

TRIEF found in eWON the perfect solution for remote maintenance routers. This device is combined with the Talk2M online service. The VPN router supports various media and has all the internati onal approvals so can be used throughout the global market. 

All the major protocols are included in the router. Therefore, there is no need to buy any additional components, saving time, money and storage costs. The eWON router is completely independent in terms of controllers. "We can access the eWON routers via an internet browser and view the control panel directly from a PC in Oberlahr."