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Ewon Case Studies

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Talk2M, a new approach to the remote maintenance of cyclotrons for IBA

IBA is a group that has the aim to protect, enhance and save lives. The company develops very high-precision solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, for instance cyclotrons capable of treating many forms of cancer with an unrivalled degree of precision and effectiveness. IBA selected eWON and Talk2M technology to deliver remote service on a global scale.
Just three clicks and I’m connected 
Patrick Delcour, Customer Service Project Manager

"First and foremost, our goal is to be able to solve problems remotely for customers in the event of a failure or if there are questions", explained Patrick Delcour, Customer Service Project Manager. "With Talk2M, I can connect and switch from the Melbourne site to Gand in three seconds".



Ewon, a powerful remote diagnostics solution

Faults are resolved for the customer from the control room based on the information provided by the status of indicator lights and the displays. "However, the information escalated from the control room is very fragmented", stressed Patrick Delcour. Before using eWON, when a problem occurred, the customer’s operator had to call an IBA Hotline, but, it is not difficult to imagine the communication and comprehension issues that may arise when a customer calls from Korea or Australia.

"The half-life of medical isotopes is fairly short and a production cannot be saved", confirmed Patrick Delcour.

Having an eWON installed on site ensures continuity of production at all times, through Talk2M. The IP camera in the control room is run remotely and provides an on-site view to enable technicians to quickly detect a problem. "The idea of the camera is to have a virtual presence on site, as transferring information by telephone is not efficient enough", stressed Patrick Delcour. The eWON allows remote users to transparently connect to the Siemens S7 PLC using the programming environment. The system provides a wide bandwidth, because the eWON uses the local network DSL connection.

Finally, the system includes an SMS alarm service using the GSM embedded in the eWON. This alarm service is intended in the main for our customers and on-site personnel. Talk2m, internet remote access anywhere, any time An IT-type infrastructure solution was used for the first prototype, but it proved to be quite complicated to install and had a major disadvantage: only programmers had access and not the engineers on the ground. The solution did not allow access to the machines from any geographical location.

The Talk2M solution has revolutionized their way of working. Talk2M offers the simplicity of use and connection while enhancing response efficiency. "Just three clicks and I’m connected". The complexity associated with firewalls or proxies is entirely hidden from the user, which is one of the key advantages of Talk2M over other IT solutions. Once the connection with Talk2M is established, all the IP addresses on the LAN side of the eWON become transparent and accessible to the user. In a few clicks, the user can connect to the PLC, the IP camera or start the remote desktop application on the control PC to take over the local PC and launch the HMI.




IBA is totally satisfied with Talk2M, which presents a real advantage in terms of connections. "Our mission does not include IT services and server maintenance, and therefore we wanted an overall, hosted solution. Moreover, the eWON enables us to develop other added-value services, such as sending text messages or data logging for example".

There is already keen interest from customers as a result of the few local demonstrations organized by IBA.




  • Fast connection to the customer’s machine
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Save time and lives
  • Constant supervising