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Researchers' Night

Researchers’ Night 2013 SR, OC Optima, Košice - scientific DCAI stand with eWON

Science Festival - Noc výskumníkov (Researchers’ Night) took place in OC Optima on 27th of September 2013. At this Science Festival, a scientific presentation team, including Prof. Zolotová, presented the proximity of science to the general public, as well as to the youngest “scientists”. This event was called Dotyky s kybernetikou a umelou inteligenciou (Encounters with cybernetics and artificial intelligence). An eWON industrial router was included in the presentation. It was provided to the university by ControlSystem, s.r.o. as a part of eWON On Campus program.

Scientific stand - application of mixed drinks

In order to demonstrate a SCADA / HMI (Supervisory Control of Data Acquisition / Human Machine Interface) system, the scientific team has created an application for mixing drinks. From the user perspective, the application looked like a web page. The application logic was located on the industrial router eWON which runs a simulation of the production process. The application scripts were written in BASIC. The technological level of the application logic had not been implemented on the PLC due to space restrictions, but ran directly on the eWON router. The Industrial router eWON was also used as a web server, allowing to easily access the application. An ordinary PC with a web browser and internet access was used as the client for this application.

The visual part of the application was created with HTML5 and CSS3. The application keeps automatically updating after it is loaded for the first time. Visualization is updated every second (not the whole page but only its dynamic parts). Updates are run by JavaScript functions, which use AJAX and communicate with the industrial router eWON. Data is received in JSON format. This received data is then processed and displayed. The dynamic parts are created with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The application includes several dynamic elements that change their properties, such as color, level, state or a numeric value.

The application allows setting “default” position of valves for mixing three kinds of drinks. Using “Custom Mix” mode, users could create their own mix by manual opening and closing the valves.

The second part of the application uses Flot, a JavaScript library, to allow users to monitor the progress of individual values. Flot requires jQuery library to operate. Data is collected through a special URL and is updated every minute. The application displays the trend of the tag in 10-minute intervals.

The application was a great success, especially amongst younger participants, who were shown the remote control of the production process in a playful way. At the same time, the scientific team showed new perspectives and methods for effective remote control solutions which eWON brings to experienced participants.


• Open educational possibilities
• Provide modern approaches to practical experiments
• Can be fully scripted using BASIC scripting language or JAVA