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Remote service for high precision food packaging machines

Zanichelli Meccanica (Zacmi), founded in 1954 in Parma by Giuseppe Zanichelli and still family-owned, is a company which designs and builds machines and complete plants for the food industry.
Since adopting eWON and Talk2M, intervention times have decreased significantly: access via internet allows the engineer to be virtually projected to the fault location.
Andrea Scrivani


The needs of a company of this size and with this kind of operations network are naturally quite complex. "When commissioning or starting up a plant, the automation devices on the electrical panel need to be connected to the machines", says Andrea Scrivani, technical manager of the automation office.

"Over the years these programmable components have increased exponentially and the potential problems which can arise remotely during commissioning have also increased proportionally. In the past, the procedure would require an engineer to be sent out to fix the problems or faults in the plant, often with very long transfer times, even for simple and brief operations".


How it works

The possibility of controlling the plants remotely and doing maintenance from a distance has quickly become a necessity stemming from the client’s need for rapid interventions. After a first attempt using traditional modems, Zacmi selected eWON 2005CD and Talk2M Pro, distributed by EFA Automazione, for its remote access needs.

The selection of eWON arose from precise operational needs which the product proposed by EFA fully met: "We discovered eWON products at a trade show and we were struck first and foremost by the ease of installation, which is practically automatic or at any rate very easy and requires just a few steps. Also, once a configuration is defined and the expectations from the instrument are established, the system is extremely reliable. The third factor which influenced our choice was the excellent quality/price ratio, perfect for our needs".


The results 

"A structure like the one that Talk2M offers allows us to guarantee service interventions in the event of faults very quickly, at any moment or time of day, connecting to the network from any computer even when the company is closed", says Scrivani.