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Aquaflot Degreasing

Remote Monitoring of Degreasing Line via eWON router

The company Aquaflot received an assignment to manufacture and deliver a complete degreasing line for a corporate producing metal sheet covers. The perfect degreasing requires a number of pumps, fans, heaters, dozens of different sensors (temperature, pressure, height, etc.) and, of course, countless hours spent calculating and designing the device. The current parameters are controlled from the touch panel and displayed on this same touch panel.

When designing such a large and demanding device, nothing could be left to chance.


That was why the company decided to monitor the equipment permanently using a VPN eWON 4101CD industrial router. The router holds a SIM card that makes it possible to connect remotely to the system via the mobile phone operator’s 3G. If necessary, they can always connect to the router from any PC that is connected to the Internet.

After connecting to the eWON router, a supervising or a potential correction can be implemented directly in the line’s programme. Once a malfunction is reported, they can connect and find out the issue which can be managed in a matter of minutes.
The use of the eWON router enables an accurate diagnosis of failures; this leads to a low number of service calls and a save of money and time.


Data management

A key feature of the eWON technology is the opportunity to connect to the router at any time and immediately start clearly monitoring, for instance, the individual temperatures and selected values in a web browser, including the request of the display of any necessary graphs and summary sheets.

The observed values are also archived in the router’s internal memory. Simultaneously, the router is configured to send the archived data automatically to the FTP server.



The use of the eWON router gives both the end customer and the manufacturer complete control over the facility. At regular intervals, the individual balance sheet data obtained from the eWON router are evaluated; this concerns gas consumption, temperature, defects, etc. In the event of sudden equipment issue, the errors are automatically recorded in the router memory along with time and date. At the same time, an SMS message and an e-mail report are sent to the technical service department. In many cases, they are aware of a disorder before the operating company itself, and, the technician might be on his way to the customer before the customer himself reports a problem.