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Remote maintenance in means of eWON technology for Maillefer manufacturer

The corporate Maillefer, based in Ecublens (Switzerland), is specialized in manufacturing and selling of extrusion and coiling solution for the production of metal wires, cables, optical fibers and pipes. The aim of this company is to increase its customer productivity by means of cutting-edge technology, knowledge and services.


Maillefer is known worldwide as a pioneer in the conception of extrusion machines. In 1941, the enterprise proposed its first extraction system for the production of cables and is now a leader in the field. Among the specificities of the corporate, there is the installation of high-accurate extrusion for the production of middle and high voltage cables and for multilayered composite co-extrusion (plastic-aluminum) requested in some thermal or sanitarian applications.

Recently, the company decided to implement remote interventions thanks to eWON technology. The quality of the services provided plays a key role. In case of production interruption, technicians have also a decisive role and can have access to the defective machines by a remote maintenance system. The intervention is quite instantaneous. Alain Wisler says: "We looked for an industrial, quick and simple solution and we found it in the form of an eWON VPN remote access router combined to the Talk2M service proposed by the eWOM company".


How it works

Thanks to an eWON router and the online server Talk2M, a connection can be made between the control system of the machine and the operators, the engineer. If any error message occurs, the system prevents directly the user through the Talk2M server. In this way, the supervisor can act directly to troubleshoot and solve the issue from his desktop, remotely.


The results

This technology is a save of time and money for the manufacturer as well as for the customer since the maintenance doesn’t require any traveling costs. Moreover, the eWON technology is providing an incredibly fast responsiveness as an alarm message is sent by e-mail or by SMS to the maintenance team in case of any parameters default. Most of the time, the supervisor is briefed about the possible issues even before the problem actually creates a problem in the production.

Alain Wisler, head of production and project manager: "Innovation goes on: an accurate and outstanding performance, an absolute respect of prescribed tolerance from the customer, a high leveled reliability are the key factors to explain the success of our machines on the international market".