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Slovak University of Technology

Remote laboratory plant control

The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Slovak Republic) was sponsored with free eWON routers in the scope of the educational program « eWON on Campus ». The program was proposed and followed by the eWON distributor in Slovakia, company Control System.

A student project

Two students from this university used one eWON 4005CD router to achieve remote access for their student project of « Remote Laboratory plant control » and successfully demonstrated the technical added value of their approach.

Laboratory experimentation is one of the most important aspects of control education. In modern approaches of obtaining practical experiments, the traditional hands-on labs are gradually replaced by remotely controlled experiments, affecting various fields of education and science.

The most usual approaches are based on traditional server computers, equipped with own-made software solutions to provide the remote access and control. In this way, many different information technologies are available for server-side software programming.



Web-based solution

These two students proposed a different lower-cost way of an industrial system based remote laboratory. Their solution is based on two control devices, a PLC and an eWON industrial VPN router, without the need of server computer or additional software. All necessary functions like network communication, data acquisition, PLC management and visualization are provided by the eWON router device, which rapidly simplifies the implementation of remote laboratory.router, which rapidly simplifies the implementation of the remote laboratory.

The controlled variables of the laboratory are liquid levels in main tanks, which are measured by pressure sensors at the bottom of the tanks.


eWON 4005CD

The remote control solution is based on a PLC and an industrial router eWON 4005CD. The PLC is used as a runtime environment for control algorithms, which directly interact with the controlled process through analog inputs (signals from pressure sensors) and outputs (voltage on pumps).

The eWON 4005CD is the industrial router (IR) with advanced features like remote PLC access, communication through secured service via Internet, mobile communication network capabilities, industrial protocol translation,
data acquisition and history logging.

In the students’ approach, the IR device ensures the supervision functionality through a customizable web server and provides multiple features: This web-based structure enables remote updating of the programs and real access to the program. A data logging is also possible.

The remote accessibility of the router can be provided in two ways: direct access through Internet (secured by login and password) and access through specialized VPN service that brings a higher security level for the remote laboratory.




  • Open educational possibilities
  • Lower-cost way of an industrial system based remote laboratory
  • Provide modern approaches to practical experiments