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Ewon Case Studies

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Remote connections of energy plants

The Keravan Energia Oy is a local company situated in Kerava (Southern Finland), with a population of 35,000 people. The Keravan company is responsible for the energy supply of this population in the region. Keravan Energia sells in the district annually approximately 400 GWh of electricity, 400 GWh of heat and process steam, and 25 GWh of gas consumption.
Keravan Energia


In long term, their aim is to improve their economy and competitiveness on a larger scale. Therefore, the company is continuously developing and automating its production and distribution, using technology and creativity in the service of innovation.


Talk2M flexible service

They saw in eWON technology an opportunity to challenge their flexibility and expertise. This technology provides a remote maintenance through an eWON industrial router and the Talk2M online services. The operator or engineer can connect to the system remotely and manage and supervise the machines from afar in means of the eWON industrial routers which is directly linked to the PLC connection.

The results

eWON solutions bring several benefits such as a fully transparence of data transfer for different manufacturers’ automation devices. The supervising of the materials is uniformed in one central place. With this uniform hardware, the system is easy to maintain.

The flexible use of public networks for data transfer allows the best transfer mode for each unit, while transfer costs can be optimized and reduced.

The structure implemented can now easily be replicated and switched to new destinations.