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Remote access helps Wintersteiger to improve maintenance efficiency

The subject of remote maintenance is a particular priority for the local special machine builder Wintersteiger, a world leader in the area of ski service and hire, because, unlike customers in the industrial field, most operators of the fully-automatic ski and snowboard servicing systems which are used all over the world only have a little technical expertise.

The eWON system works really well.There is no needfor any kind of changes to be made to the security settings on the customer's company network.
Reinhard Pfeffer


As a rule, machine operators in sports businesses or hire facilities are of course not engineers, as Reinhard Pfeffer knows from experience. Wintersteiger engineers identify the cause of the problem considerably more quickly via remote analysis, and quite often at first sight.

Once they have the customer’s agreement, they create a connection to the machine with just a few mouse clicks and get a 1:1 image of the relevant operator guidance shown on their screen via VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

A camera integrated into the Wintersteiger remote system is also being employed more and more frequently and Reinhard Pfeffer is particularly happy to use it: "The customer simply points the camera at the problem area and I can see what the matter is straight away - in most cases no further explanations are then required for this".


The results

"To sum up, the remote maintenance solution works in a very satisfying - and stable - way for Wintersteiger. The technology is very sophisticated. There are on average around 100,000 VPN connections running via the «Talk2M» server simultaneously - that says everything about the system’s performance"