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Reliable operation and intelligent remote maintenance for S&Ü

The S&Ü corporate produces mainly sawing and splitting machines, the kind of equipment that requires huge power and robust and sophisticated technology.

The company supplies specialist machines, from the idea and development (design, layout and construction) through to production, assembly, documentation and maintenance. The systems are normally based on a standard product for which the customer can select individual equipment options which make every machine a unique piece.
I can change settings from here and even reprogram the PLC if necessary. Of course, the problem is solved much quicker than if we had to patch somebody in person.
Christoph Struk


To perform an excellent customer service reacting quickly, the company uses high-performance equipment and remote maintenance solutions. The eWON routers are the more robust remote maintenance devices on the market. Therefore, S&Ü corporate equipped the whole of its products with the eWON technology.

"Of course, we wanted to offer customer service here too - but it needed to remain affordable and efficient". explains Christoph Struk. "So we went looking for a tool we could use on all our systems - which was just as reliable for stationary systems via LAN as for mobile applications via GSM, for example", Christoph Struk explains.


How it works

The eWON routers communicate via the Talk2M online server through a VPN connection. This connection enables a control and supervising of the machinery system remotely which is particularly needed in the first few weeks after delivery.

When they take the new machine out into the wilds for the first time, there are bound to be questions. Sometimes, the operator does not one hundred percent understand the status messages or some of the components need to be adjusted after the drive and first few hours of operation.



The eWON programme includes high levels of flexibility and versatility. Moreover, it doesn’t require any specific skills and it’s simple to use. Christopher Stuk is now convinced about the robustness, the flexibility and the good value for money of the eWON products. One key advantage of this structure is that it enables to have a single point of contact: "It is crucial that the control units and the remote maintenance solution work perfectly together, especially for remote maintenance. Because we are using a single manufacturer, we can eliminate interface problems from the outset", he explains.