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Putting the smart into the Smart Grid

Netbiter gives Limejump online access to energy meters enabling them to optimize their customers’ energy consumption. 
We felt that the way the system handles data is very stable and we liked the flexibility of being able to develop our own interface through the API.
Erik Nygard, Director


Limejump offers their customers innovative ways to optimize their energy usage. By gathering information about a company’s energy consumption, Limejump can propose how to save money by, for example, moving certain activities to other hours of the day when energy is less expensive.

Limejump also offers what they call “Demand Response” services. This means that they work with the National Grid to help keep the electricity system balanced by reducing electricity demand when the U.K. electricity system is under stress. Businesses are paid for being able to reduce their usage at short notice. This can be done automatically, or Limejump can inform their customers through SMS or email alerts about the situation and they can do it themselves.


How it works

A Netbiter gateway connects to a main incoming energy meter or even to individual equipment such as heating, ventilation, generators or CHP (Combined Heat and Power). The gateway sends information to a central database called Netbiter Argos. The data can be sent via Ethernet or the cellular network (3G/GSM/GPRS).

Although it is possible to log into Netbiter Argos to view information from the equipment directly, Limejump has built their own application interface, using the Netbiter API.  This application interface combines data from the customer site with weather data and market prices that can be used by the customer to take actions to save and make money (from Demand Response).