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PLC programming across the Atlantic

C-Tech Innovation uses Netbiter Remote Access to remotely support, troubleshoot and program their electrochemical equipment. By accessing their Siemens and Mitsubishi PLCs remotely they can offer faster support to customers and cut down on travel costs.
The first time the customer rang, the Netbiter paid for itself.
Andy Leck, Electrical Design Engineer
C-Tech Innovation

C-Tech Innovation in Capenhurst, just South of Liverpool, designs and builds a range of electrochemical equipment, from laboratory-sized cells to custom production-scale rigs. Their products are used for food and beverage processing, chemical processing, energy & heating and advanced material production. Users are typically large multinational companies and research centers across the world.

By connecting a Netbiter EasyConnect gateway to their machines, C-Tech can utilize a function called “Remote Access” which enables a secure connection to the PLC in the machine. Through this connection, it is possible to do remote configuration, programming or debugging from any location. Once the communication tunnel is open, C-Tech Innovation can use their standard configuration tools to configure the PLCs. 
How it works 
C-Tech runs the Netbiter QuickConnect software on a regular computer at the office in Capenhurst, and a secure tunnel is created to the Netbiter gateway at the customer site. The Netbiter is in turn connected to the PLC (usually from Siemens or Mitsubishi) via RS232 or Ethernet/LAN. Once the tunnel is open, C-Tech can simply open their Siemens or Mitsubishi software and configure or debug just as if they were on site. 
The connection is established via the cloud-based Netbiter Argos service which acts as a routing portal without the need for opening inbound ports in firewalls or setting up VPN connections on site. The connection from the gateway to the cloud can be made via Ethernet or via the mobile phone network.