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Techno Pack

Perfect packaging every time with Monitouch operator interface panels and Talk2m remote access

Techno Pack produces and sells packaging machines worldwide and now looks to the Middle East and to Latin America as markets with great potential, wanting to expand its exportation.
The technician who makes the link up does not necessarily have to be at the company premises. He can do it from his own PC laptop from any corner of the world.
Roberto Sabadin
Techno Pack


"As exports grew our packaging machinery and our assemblies were sought after even overseas, and we had to come up with a more sophisticated supervision system", Roberto Sabadin, the Techno Pack design engineer.

The challenge of an international customer is a completely different matter than providing services to customers an hour away from the headquarters’ company. The first step is to implement an operator interface panel on each machine in order to enable a monitoring.

Techno pack offers now a range of packaging machines for the food industry and other fields, totally controlled and supervised remotely.


How it works 

The eWON industrial router enables engineers to carry out remote maintenance of PLCs, HMIs and other industrial devices easily and securely. This results in saving of time on repairs and in gaining the ability to anticipate faults by the use of alarms, since the maintenance staff members can attend to and resolve problems remotely. Its implementation is intuitive; it is easy to operate and the specialist staff is not needed.

This product uses the new cloud technology service (Talk2M) in which the software is hosted on a web server that connects the user securely to the machines from anywhere in the world with a web connection and with very satisfactory results. The eWON is a reflection of how new technologies are being adapted to industrial automation.