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Neat Energy corporate using Central SCADA system with eWON routers

The company NEAT’s work is to develop, design and construct activities in the fields of oil and gas industry. One of its domains is devoted to the CNG (Compressed natural gas). As the CNG station appeared to be in a non-stop operation and suitable to technical conditions, the NEAT Company created and developed a SCADA system, custom-made for the concerned technology.
eWON routers, thanks to their universality, are minimizing the costs of the future applications of NEAT's customers, and are a suitable platform for the implementation of the additional functions into the system


The company had a range of requests concerning this remote control system such as a possible cooperation with different PLCs without the additional costs or the possibility to plug in an intelligent module which could have its own memory for the saving of historical data archiving.

Based on these targets, the company looked for the perfect match and the eWON industrial remote connectivity router appeared to fulfill all these requests. This technology provides embedded solutions which meet the set of Neat’s requirements and even more.

How it works

The eWON structure is able to launch an alarm in case of reaching a defined condition such as a certain parameter level. Moreover, the installation enables the visualization of the real-time data through the web server. But it goes further: as the connection to the system only requires an internet connection, the engineer can remotely supervise the machinery from anywhere in the world.

The eWON technology is known to be easy to use. As the eWON router is linked to the outgoing connections, in most cases it is not needed to adjust the customer’s company firewall settings. Furthermore, the software required to access the system is totally free to use and user-friendly.

All routers have an authorization system integrated that provides a different level of access to the data for each user within the supervising of the system by means of a passwords system.

The results

"After more than a year of fluent experience with the described ScadaNTsystem, it is possible to state its high reliability and robustness. eWON routers, thanks to their universality, are minimizing the costs of the future applications of NEAT´s customers, and are suitable platforms for the implementation of the additional functions into the system."

Installing an eWON is clearly time- and money-saving since it reduces maintenance work and cuts traveling costs. To be competitive internationally in the field of industry and automation systems, this kind of technology is essential. The company can now improve its responsiveness to system issues and consecrate more time to innovation or other expertise's instead of trying to troubleshoot and solve complex supervising issues.