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Monitoring water treatment systems from the Cloud

Netbiter is used to monitor the status of residential water treatment systems. Service technicians get immediate access to alarms or system issues.
As a service company, Netbiter allows us to detect issues before the customers even know there is a problem. 
Brandon Varner, Water Treatment Manager
Weeks Drilling


In order to ensure water is clean, Weeks installs a water treatment system to filter water from dangerous pollutants. Their systems treat the water from 1 gpm to hundreds of gallons per minute depending on the system and empty it into a storage tank. The storage tank will hold the clean, treated water until a faucet or irrigation system is turned on. 

Systems can range from small home systems with usage rates of 200 gallons per day, up to large robust systems used for irrigation, which cycle around 3,000 gallons of water per day.


How it works:

The Netbiter gateway is connected via a Modbus connection to a PLC. After the water treatment system and Netbiter gateway are installed, data is sent via a cellular or Ethernet connection to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center. 

By logging on to Netbiter Argos at www.netbiter.net, Weeks technicians can start or stop the treatment systems from a remote location or monitor parameters on their water systems. Typical parameters may include water pressure, chlorine levels, or water usage per day. 

If a programmed alarm goes off on Netbiter.net, Weeks technicians, and in some cases owners of the residential systems, receive an alert via text or email. “Our customers have the capability to login to look at the custom dashboards we’ve created and see what is going on with their system,” explains Richard Larsen.