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Lapauw International resolves machinery software problems remotely using Talk2M from eWON

The Lapauw Belgian company is a manufacturer of industrial laundry machinery such as drying and ironing machineries and one of the most present laundry suppliers on the market. The company wants to provide to its customer who are for instance hospitals, airlines and cruise ships, textile manufacturers or large hotel chain, the best service a laundry company can offer.
Our technicians are therefore able to give correct instructions to the local engineer to perform the necessary actions, as if they were on-site themselves. They ‘operate’ the technician, as a figure of speech.
Steven Renders, CEO
Lapauw International

Standstill production process "The sectors in which our customers are active, such as the public health sector and tourism, work non-stop, 24/7. It is simply not an option for the machinery to stop functioning. When a machine does not function optimally, our customers are faced with an enormous backlog", says Steven Renders, CEO of Lapauw International.

"The logistical process becomes unbalanced and valuable time is lost. Continuous monitoring of the installation is therefore essential. If a problem occurs, action must be taken quickly. This actually means that one of our service engineers must visit the site to resolve the issue. However, if the machine is located in Vietnam for example, this immediately leads to time loss and a significant cost", explains Steven Renders.

eWON and Talk2M remote maintenance service

The technology of eWON is based on the Talk2M services and an industrial router that can be used for communication and data exchange between the machine and the user and vice-versa. The Talk2M online server is the intermediary that makes the link between the two and creates a secure « tunnel » for the connection.

This tunnel enables the maintenance group to supervise remotely and from anywhere in the world the system of the machines. Thanks to this remote maintenance system, the company can be informed of a potential issue immediately and can diagnose instantaneously.

"Our technicians are therefore able to give correct instructions to the local engineer to perform the necessary actions, as if they were on-site themselves. They ‘operate’ the technician, as a figure of speech".

VPN connection

The system used by the eWON router simplifies matters for the IT team as no ports need to be enabled on the firewall to allow incoming connections. The operator establishing a remote connection can only access his machines and not the rest of the customer’s company network. Moreover, the connection is totally secure by means of a VPN protocol and an identification mechanism.

"We were looking for a remote monitoring system for our machinery, as well as a solution for the long distance travelling of our technicians. This is how we found out about eWON. The majority of problems that we encounter are software related. The Talk2M platform is therefore the best solution for our situation".

Preventive maintenance and other advantages

The main advantage of the eWON structure is the reduction in travelling maintenance costs but also the increasing responsiveness. Furthermore, the eWON infrastructure is simple to install and user friendly. As the remote monitoring also enables the providing of a vast amount of information about the machinery, the company is now able to perform a preventive maintenance.

"We have a very precise image of how our machinery performs on a daily basis, and a better picture of how it is used. This allows us to produce machinery that will meet the specific requirements from our customers ever better. In future, it will also be possible to provide our customers with analyses of the usage of their machinery etc. This will contribute to an even better service", says Renders.



  • Perform preventive maintenance
  • Instantaneous diagnosis in case of issue
  • Reduction in travelling maintenance costs