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Keeping it cool with Netbiter

Netbiter is connected to Frick compressors in a cold storage in Hapur. Users can see all parameters from the compressors online and also configure the PLCs running the system remotely.
We can now see all the parameters from the compressors displayed online – trends, logged data from the plant, error diagnostics plus alarms if something is wrong.
Surender Pal Korpal
Frick India Ltd


Frick India Limited is the largest manufacturer of industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in India. Frick equipment is used in dairy cooling, ice factories, fisheries, marine applications, petrochemicals, food & beverages, breweries etc.

In a recent project, Frick compressors were installed in a potato cold storage in Hapur, located in the Uttar-Pradesh region in Northern India. The temperature variations in Uttar-Pradesh can be extreme and in the summer, temperatures can go as high as 50 °C. Consequently, efficient cooling is of utmost importance if you want to store foodstuff.


How it works

In the potato storage, there is a glycol chilling system with two screw compressors from Frick. Connected to the compressors is a Netbiter gateway which is able to detect operating values from the compressors such as temperatures, energy consumption, running hours etc.

The Netbiter gateway sends this data to a cloud-based server called Netbiter Argos. The data is sent via Ethernet, but Netbiter gateways can also send data wirelessly via GSM/GPRS/3G. Frick and their customers can log in to Netbiter Argos at www.netbiter.net where they can view all parameters in an online dashboard. They can also view trends over time and download statistics on equipment behavior. 

A very useful feature of the Netbiter system is the functionality called “Remote Access.” This means that Frick can connect to their PLCs remotely and do configuration using the usual Rockwell RSLogix software. It is just like being connected on site. This means that changes, upgrades and debugging can be done from any location, saving a lot of service and maintenance costs.