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How to find a power generator in a snowstorm

Netbiter monitors mobile power generators, making sure that Fortum knows their exact location and that they are always ready to start.
We liked the fact that you could see the exact position of the power generator and also monitor the performance while running.
Jan-Olof Olsson


As Sweden was struck by a snowstorm during Christmas time 2011, power company Fortum found out how helpful it can be to see the status and exact location of their power generators over the web.


How it works

A Netbiter EasyConnect 250 unit and a GPS transmitter are attached to Fortum’s backup power generator from SDMO. The Netbiter is connected to the genset’s ComAp InteliGenNT control panel and exchanges data with this control panel via the Modbus protocol. Data from the generator is sent via the mobile phone network to a central server called Netbiter Argos. 

This data center can be accessed by Fortum’s service staff from any computer or other device connected to the Internet. By logging in to www.netbiter.net, Fortum’s service staff can immediately see a graphical dashboard of fuel levels, battery levels, oil pressure, coolant levels, output power etc. 


The results

Fortum says that they have reached the results they wanted by implementing a remote monitoring solution: Easier surveillance and better control of the generators’ locations.