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eWON used as data gateway for checkweighters

Dairyworks source high quality, bulk cheese and butter from local South Island suppliers and package it into consumer products for supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets throughout New Zealand and Australia.


Dairyworks use the Gervens Toledo Mettler checkweighers to verify that they accurately met legal weight standards and maintain internal yield targets.

This model of checkweigher was chosen because of its high speed of operation and advance statistical data for online analysis. The checkweigher outputs data in Ascii format via serial port or Ethernet TCP/IP.

How it works

Dairyworks solution was to use an eWON 500 to get weight data from all of the checkweighers over the Ethernet TCP/IP connection. We used the eWon script to control/report status of data connections, receive and reformat weight data, tag and store in eWON memory.

The PLC, using Modbus TCP, reads and writes to the eWON memory to get the data it needs and control and test data connections.


The results

The solution is simple, rather inexpensive and has proved reliable. It allows data to be shared on PLCs and HMIs allowing the operators live access to meaningful graphically presented production data.