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Architen Lighting

eWON service enables remote control of lighting effects at 3Arena

Specialized in designed lighting, Architen Lighting company chose eWON technology to monitor and diagnose its lighting system in a project at 3Arena in Dublin.
«Within 15 minutes, I was able to write and send an upgrade to the eWON device using Talk2M. The change was instantaneous!» 
Christopher Rowell, Project Manager
Architen Lighting


The 14,500-capacity arena, sponsored by O2, is a new concert and events venue. The building was originally an old shipping depot, but since it was opened in December 2008, the venue has hosted sellout crowds for likes of Coldplay and Kings of Leon for instance. This arena features a multi-dimensional lighting mesh with more than 6,000 LED’s.


How it works

By installing an eWON industrial VPN router with its lighting control systems, Architen Lighting is now able to remotely monitor and control customer lighting systems from anywhere in the world using a secure broadband or wireless connection. Engineers simply have to log on to a web page on the Internet through the eWON’s Talk2M software called ‘eCatcher’ which enables them to turn on or change lighting effects, all this from their own desktop. 

Architen is using the eWON router in combination with the eWON secure Internet-based connectivity service - Talk2M. This service is free to use and offers full integration of IT security standards by establishing an Internet communication «tunnel» between the user and the remote lighting system, without any IT network security changes at either end. This enables easy, fast deployment of a remote connectivity link, while circumventing complexities that may exist within a site’s IT network infrastructure. 
The eWON industrial VPN routers comply with a wide range of serial and Ethernet-based PLCs, including Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric and Omron to name a few.