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Power generator - remote monitoring

Ewon Netbiter Monitors Diesel Tanks and Generators

Keeping track of fuel levels in diesel tanks can be crucial for businesses in many parts of the world. In Yemen for example, grid power cannot be guaranteed at all times which requires businesses such as banks to have a diesel generator to ensure operations. Here is how Yemeni system integrator InPro for Importing helped CAC Bank make sure they never lose power.

Netbiter minimizes human error, increases financial accuracy and gives a quick payback.
Osama A. Nasher, General Manager
InPro for Importing

Ewon Netbiter Monitors Diesel Tanks and Generators

InPro for Importing is a Yemen-based system integrator providing customers with solutions for remote monitoring of machines and technical expertise in electro-mechanical projects.

By using the eWON Netbiter Remote Management solution from HMS Industrial Networks, InPro for Importing has found a way to remotely monitor and control the genset fuel tanks at one of Yemen’s major banks — Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank, or CAC for short.


The challenge

CAC Bank needed to monitor their two main diesel tanks with a total capacity of 18,000 liters. These two tanks feed the bank’s power generators in CAC’s head office building. 

The bank had trouble getting an overview of when the tanks needed to be refilled, keeping track of the generators’ operation, and making the right decisions regarding refilling, diesel budget, etc.
Since the power generators are crucial for the bank’s electricity supply, it is absolutely vital that they are supplied with fuel at all times.

The solution

With an eWON Netbiter gateway connected to the gensets, CAC Bank can see the status of the generator and current fuel levels at all times. In an online dashboard, they see the fuel status and can also get alarms if the tanks reach certain levels or if the level drops too quickly (theft or leakage).


How it works

ultransonic tank sensor - how it works

Image: The Netbiter Ultrasonic Tank Sensor detects the fuel level with less than 1% error margin. The Netbiter gateway sends data via the cellular network to Netbiter Argos where the customer logs into www.netbiter.net to view all parameters in an online dashboard.



A Netbiter gateway is connected to two ultrasonic tank sensors (also offered from HMS). The Ultrasonic Tank Sensor measures the tank levels without any calibration — you only need to enter the tank dimensions. 

The Netbiter gateway sends data about the fuel levels via the cellular network and the values show up immediately in an online dashboard (Netbiter Argos) without anyone having to visit the site. It is also possible to view trends over time and download statistics on equipment behavior. 

InPro for Importing has also made a connection to the Deepsea genset controller (DSE 5220) which controls the Mercedes engine. This way, they can see log parameters about the performance of the generator and get alarms if something happens. This dramatically decreases downtime.


Netbiter argos - tank monitoring    Netbiter Argos - Tank Monitoring

Image: Since the Netbiter solution comes with a ready-made GUI, In Pro for Importing can easily set up graphical dashboards which show current values in an intuitive way.

The results

“Netbiter has given us a secure and easy way to gather information from our customers’ sites,” says Osama A. Nasher, General Manager at InPro for Importing. 

”When a customer decides to use the service, we will arrange for a Netbiter router to be connected to the customer’s equipment. Once the Netbiter unit is in place, online information access is quick and easy. If a business already has Netbiter installed, they can get started right away by registering an online account at www.netbiter.net.” 

Osama Nasher continues: “Netbiter enables CAC Bank to keep constant track of their expenses and have online access to real-time data without having to physically visit their assets every day. This minimizes human error, increases financial accuracy, and gives a quick payback.” 


  • Online access to fuel levels 24/7.
  • Lowered operating costs due to fewer service trips.
  • Better information to finance department means more accurate fuel budgets.