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Drives commissioning from anywhere

When Newton Tesla sets up new variable speed drives for their customers, they can do configuration, re-programming and monitoring from any location. By connecting a Netbiter gateway to their drives systems, they can offer their customers immediate assistance and do remote commissioning during the critical start-up period.
“Netbiter has given us the convenience of not having to travel to the site every time we need to adjust a system.”
George Newton
Newton Tesla
When commissioning an drives system, it is often hard to solve everything in one go. Usually, there are certain processes you have to wait for or other systems that need to be installed before everything is 100% finished. That means that you often have to go back to the site several times resulting in expensive and time-consuming service trips. 
How it works
When Newton Tesla delivers a new drives system, they connect a Netbiter EC350 gateway to their Mitsubishi PLC which controls the drives. The Netbiter communicates via the cellular network and sends data from the PLC to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos service. By logging into www.netbiter.net, Newton Tesla can see data such as operating frequency, running hours, energy consumption and much more. 

By using the Netbiter function called “Remote Access” they can also use the gateway to establish a secure data tunnel to the PLC, through which they can debug, program and commission the drives system. They simply open the tunnel, and can then access their Mitsubishi PLC, just as if they were connected on site.